Patrol Division

Parked Sheriff carThe contact Miami Township residents would generally have with the Sheriff's Office is the Patrol Division, which is responsible for providing primary law enforcement service to the area. This function is provided by the marked Sheriff's Patrol Units which in addition to responding to citizens calls, provide general preventative patrol. They also address specific problems involving crime and traffic. Detectives in the Criminal Investigation Section provide follow up investigation on most offenses and on-scene investigation in major offenses. The Miami Township area is routinely patrolled by a regular Sheriff's Unit and a second Sheriff's Unit which is contracted for by the Miami Township Trustees to further enhance law enforcement services to township residents. These primary units are also backed to by the Sheriff's Patrol Units in areas adjacent to Miami Township in event of emergencies.

Specialized Units

In addition to the basic services noted above, the Patrol Units are backed up on an as needed basis, by highly trained specialized units, which include: 

  • Boats
  • Bomb Squad
  • Helicopters
  • Horse Units
  • K-9 and Drug Dog Units
  • Narcotics and Vice Units

Additional Information

We are happy to be able to provide the residents of Miami Township with professional, efficient, and effective law enforcement services. For contact with our Patrol Division for non-emergency purpose call 825-1500. For emergency service contact use "911."