Miami Township Zoning & Land Use

All zoning functions pertaining to the unincorporated areas of the Township, fall under the jurisdiction of the "Zoning Resolution For The Unincorporated Territory of Hamilton County, Ohio." As such, residents of the unincorporated areas of the Township, are subject to the regulations, enforcement, and administrative decisions of the staff, zoning boards, and commissions of Hamilton County. The "Zoning Resolution For The Unincorporated Territory of Hamilton County Ohio," may be viewed by visiting the Planning and Development Hamilton County website. The Township is however quite active in its efforts to positively affect both the amount and quality of the development that does occur within its boundaries. These efforts include the "Miami Township Land Use Policy and Strategic Plan," the Miami Township Land Use Committee, a very active involvement in County and regional planning strategies, and several seats on County boards and commissions held by Township residents.

Miami Township Land Use Policy & Strategy Plan

In the spring of 1992, the Miami Township Board of Trustees enlisted the support of the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission to create a land use plan for the unincorporated areas of the Township. The plan was created through the cooperative efforts of the Board of Trustees, a planning consultant provided by Hamilton County, a Township Planning Committee, and the involvement of the Township residents through numerous public hearings and workshops.

The intent of the Plan is to guide the Township Trustees and Land Use Committee, The Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission, and the Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission when reviewing development and zoning proposals. It is the intent of the Plan to balance public interests with the interests of private developers: therefore, every attempt was made to incorporate community values and goals into development policies. Taken together, these policies promote sustainable growth. A copy of the Townships Land Use Plan is available at the Township offices.